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Fenix Flashlight Cree Q5 LED Comparison Chart / Feature Matrix / Comparison Table

This page is outdated and no longer updated as of 2010

Fenix Flashight, LTD employes various brands and models of LED in the flashlights that they produce. From the popular Nichia 5mm LEDs in the E0 to the latest Cree X-Lamp and Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel LEDs, Fenix uses the LED best suited for each flashlight. There is quite a bit of overlap between some of these LEDs, so Fenix has chosen to offer some of their models with different LED choices so that the consumer can chose the LED that they prefer.

The high-output LEDs currently in use by Fenix are all variations of the Cree XLamp® XR-E LED Cree is a US-Based company focused on researching and producing high-output LED lighting solutions. Cree produces a wide range of LEDs, some of which are designed for use in portable lighting solutions, like flashlights.

LED production is a very exact process, but extremely minor variations in the process affect the characteristics of different batches of LEDs. These variations lead to slightly different specifications for each batch of LEDs. These variations are well-understood in the industry, and are accounted for by testing a certain number of LEDs from each batch, and based on that testing, assigning various "Bin codes" to each batch of LEDs. Based on the various Bin codes assigned to each batch of LEDs, the LED buyer can anticipate, among other things, any color variations present in the batch of LEDs, and will know the approximate output per milliamp (mA) of each batch of LEDs.

Major flashlight manufacturers typically buy thousands of LEDs at a time, and there are generally some Bin number variations in the LEDs purchased. Major flashlight manufacturers will generally only buy Bin numbers that produce a bright white output, ensuring very little color variation in the flashlights that they sell. Depending on the time of purchase, there are typically only a few output Bin codes available, and the higher the Bin code, the more expensive the LED. Fenix purchases only the best LEDs available in the market.

The Cree XLamp® XR-E LED is produced in different "Bin" numbers, which give the minimum Luminous Flux (in lumens) when driven at 350mA. The output from various bin numbers at 350mA is shown below. This LED has a maximum drive current of 1,000 mA. Fenix, like most other flashlight manufacturers, achieves higher output from the LEDs by driving them with a higher current. These "Bin" numbers are all currently in production by Cree:
P4 - 80.6 lumens
Q2 - 87.4 lumens
Q3 - 93.9 lumens
Q4 - 100 lumens
Q5 - 107 lumens
This information is taken from this pdf:

The Fenix flashlights shown in the table below employ the Cree XLamp XR-E LED (P4 Bin), the Cree XLamp XR-E Q5 Bin LED, the Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel LED (L or M Bin), and the Philips Lumileds Luxeon Rebel 100 LED (N Bin)

Model Price LED Battery Dimensions Weight
with Battery
Levels Output
Run Time
L0D Q4 $43.50 Cree XLamp
Q4 Bin
AAA 2.85" x .55"
72.5mm x 14mm
1 oz
28 gm
Five 30 / 11 / 75
3.5 / 8.5 / 1 Fenix L0D Q4 Cree LED AAA Battery Flashlight
L1D Q5 $52.50 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
AA 3.8" x .8"
97mm x 21mm
1.7 oz
48 gm
Six 12 / 53 / 107 / 120
25 / 5 / 2 / 1.5 Fenix L1D Q5 Cree XLamp AA Battery Flashlight
L2D Q5 $59.50 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
2xAA 5.8" x .8"
147mm x 21mm
1.7 oz
48 gm
Six 12 / 53 / 107 / 180
55 / 10.5 / 4 / 2.4 Fenix L2D Q5 Cree XLamp CR123a Flashlight
P1D Q5 $59.50 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
CR123a 2.8" x .8"
71mm x 20mm
1.6 oz
47 gm
Five 95 / 180 / 16
2.8 / 1 / 21 Fenix P1D Q5 Cree XLamp 1xCR123a Twist-On Flashlight
P2D Q5 $58.00 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
CR123a 3.5" x .83"
81mm x 21mm
1.34 oz
38 gm
Six 12 / 55 / 107 / 180
30 / 5.5 / 2 / 1 Fenix P2D Q5 Cree XLamp Version CR123a Flashlight
P3D Q5 $64.50 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
2xCR123a 4.5" x .83"
114mm x 21mm
1.74 oz
49 gm
Six 12 / 53 / 120 / 215
65 / 13 / 4.8 / 1.8 Fenix P3D Q5 Cree XLamp Version 2xCR123a Flashlight
TK10 $73.50 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
2xCR123a 5.3" x 1.35"
135mm x 34mm
5.5 oz
156 gm
Two 225 / 60 1.5 / 10 Fenix TK10 Cree XLamp Version 2xCR123a Flashlight
TK11 $75.00 Cree XLamp
Q5 Bin
or 1x18650
5.3" x 1.35"
135mm x 34mm
4.8 oz
136 gm
Two 225 / 60 2.7 / 12 Fenix TK11 Cree XLamp Version 2xCR123a or 1x18650 Flashlight


  • Specifications including output are from the manufacturer
  • The single levels lights provide a brighter beam while the battery is fresh, and a very low output when the battery is mostly depleted. The dual level lights also have a much lower level output when the battery is mostly depleted, but this is not reflected in the chart.
  • The two levels of the TK10 and TK11 are controlled by twisting the head of the flashlight. On and off is controlled by the tailcap switch.
  • The L0D and P1D digital models are controlled by turning the power on and off rapidly to change modes. The modes are in this order: Primary - Low - Max - Strobe - SOS
  • The L1D, L2D, P2D and P3D digital flashlights have two modes of Operation, turbo and normal, controlled by twisting the head, and different levels in each mode controlled by turning the power on and off rapidly. With the head tightened all of the way down the flashlight produces max output (turbo) followed by strobe, loosen the head slightly for general mode, with three lower levels of Operation plus SOS.