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NovaTac EDC Flashlights FAQ - EDC-85 / EDC-120 / EDC-85T / EDC-120T / EDC-85T / EDC-120T

NovaTac EDC Flashlights FAQ - EDC-85 / EDC-120 / EDC-85T / EDC-120T / EDC-85T / EDC-120T

NovaTac EDC Flashlight
Frequently Asked Questions

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GREAT NEWS!!! NovaTac has finished off a big contract for a LARGE customer, and is now producing flashlights for the rest of us! These are the evolution of the Arc 4 flashlight, and more recently the HDS EDC line of flashlights. As with the previous models, these are rock-solid and built to take any abuse you throw at them.

Lighthound, Inc. has developed this FAQ page in order to address questions about NovaTac products, and welcomes questions or other input about this page. Please email your questions or comments to This entire page is the intellectual property of Lighthound, Inc. and may not be redistributed in any form without express written permission. Printing and copying for personal use is allowed under applicable copyright laws.

The new NovaTac flashlights have a foundation on the HDS EDC line of flashlights, but have been re-designed to support new LEDs and new modes of operation. These flashlights use the SSC LEDs, which are much brighter and more efficient than previous LEDs from Lumileds and other companies. The design of the flashlight and reflector puts out a smooth, even beam pattern from this LED.

The model name EDC originates from the term Every Day Carry (EDC). These flashlights are designed to be small enough to carry on your person every day (or Night!). All models use a single 3 volt CR-123a primary (non-rechargeable) battery, and they all fully support both protected and unprotected rechargeable 3.6 volt RCR-123a batteries. The design of the converter protects the batteries and will not over-discharge them under normal operation. Please see the product manual for details.

The NovaTac EDC series of flashlights is currently divided into three different models, the EDC, the Tactical, and the Programmable models. Each model is available in two different maximum output levels, either 85 lumens or 120 lumens.

Why are the flashlights available in both 85 and 120 lumens maximum output? (What is the difference between the 85 lumen version and the 120 lumen version?)
The difference between the 85 lumen version and the 120 lumen version is the output of the LED. The LED in the 85 lumen version is virtually identical to the LED in the 120 lumen version, but due to manufacturing variations, it has a lower possible maximum output, as explained below.

All LEDs are produced under conditions that lead to variation in the color output and maximum light output of the LEDs. Manufacturers do their best to control these conditions, and make all of the LEDs exactly the same, but due to factors beyond their control, it is not possible to make all of the LEDs identical. Normally each "run" of LEDs will have very similar characteristics, so the manufacturers test a certain number of LEDs from each run and "BIN" the entire run based on the output from the tested LEDs.

Like all companies that are designing lighting systems based on high-output LEDs, NovaTac purchases LEDs with various BIN ratings based on price and availability. LEDs with higher, better BIN numbers are generally more rare and more expensive, so there is a corresponding higher price for flashlights that incorporate these LEDs. In addition, NovaTac tests each LED to ensure that the LED is performing within the specs of its assigned BIN rating.

Can the 85 lumen version be upgraded to the 120 lumen version at a later date?
No - Due to the construction of the flashlight it is a very complicated process to change the LED. Changing the LED will also involve changing the settings on the converter, so upgrading the LED at a later date is not possible.

Will the LED burn out like a regular flashlight bulb?
High output LEDs have a life-span of 50,000 - 100,000 hours. It is extremely unlikely that the LED in any of the NovaTac flashlights will burn out during the lifetime of the original purchaser, but if it does burn out, NovaTac will replace the LED or flashlight under the terms of the lifetime warranty.

What are the differences between the EDC, the Tactical, and the Programmable models?
The EDC model and Tactical model are pre-programmed from the factory with particular output settings and come with extended buttons. These models are less complicated than the Programmable version, and are a great choice for most users. The Programmable version offers a flat button and the most flexibility for users who like to personalize the settings of their flashlight. There is no other production flashlight on the market that offers the wide range of output options of the NovaTac EDC Programmable flashlights.

Is the Programmable model is able to go directly to disorienting strobe?
Yes, you can program any one of the levels on the Programmable model to be the strobe level then you can go directly to it from off by setting it to force on to that level. If you want direct press-access to strobe from other brightness levels it should be set where maximum usually is.

How about the tactical? Does it go directly to disorienting strobe as well?
The strobe on the Tactical model is momentary when accessed from off with a click-press and from other brightness levels when the button is pushed and held. From other brightness levels, disorienting strobe can be latched on with a click--press

Are there any accessories available for these flashlights, extended battery tubes, etc?
At this time there are no accessories, but accessories like holsters, mounts and extended battery tubes (2xAA only) may be available in the future.

Are the parts of the NovaTac flashlights interchangeable with the Arc 4 or HDS EDC series of flashlights?

Do the NovaTac EDC models include a pocket clip?
Yes, all NovaTac EDC models come with a pocket clip.

Will the NovaTac EDC flashlights "tail-stand?"
The programmable model will generally tail-stand, but this is not guaranteed. The EDC model and Tactical model will NOT tail-stand.

The term tail-stand refers to the ability to turn the flashlight on and place it on a flat surface so that the light emits straight in one direction, generally up, like a candle, but this depends on the design of the flashlight. The most notably exception is the "G.I. Flashlight" with a 90° angle on the head which emits light straight forward in one direction when tail-standing.

Will NovaTac make brighter, higher output versions?
NovaTac is dedicated to the design and manufacture of flexible lighting solutions for their customers. They have a dedicated design team that will continue to test and pursue new technologies as they come to the market. We have every confidence that NovaTac will continue to design and build better, brighter flashlights as lighting technology evolves.

Which batteries do you recommend for the NovaTac EDC flashlights?
Any of the CR-123a size batteries that we sell on this site will work in the EDC series of flashlights.   Battery Search  Please email us if you have questions about batteries.

NovaTac Comparison Chart

This feature matrix shows the differences between the various NovaTac models. The NovaTac comparison table lists the available options on each of the three models. The EDC model is designed for most users who need a simple multi-output flashlight. The Tactical model is designed for Military and Law Enforcement users, while the programmable model is designed for users who need maximum flexibility.

Program? Tailcap
SOS? Momentary
Levels Additional Options
EDC-85/120 No Yes No Yes No No 3 Brightness Levels
Emergency Strobe
No Yes Yes No No Yes 3 Brightness Levels
Disorienting Strobe
Yes No From Option
Menu - Does
not use level


Uses One Level
From Option
Menu - Does
not use level


Uses One Level
From Option
Menu - Does
not use level


Uses One Level
Does Not Use Level
4 Brightness Levels
All Programmable
-Emergency Strobe
-Emergency SOS
-Locator Flash
-Force Setting
-Button Lock
-Auto Off
-Simple Momentary
-Tactical Momentary
-Disable Ramp & Options